NTLMv2 Authentication Library and Servlet Filter

This project implements an extension of the Java-based JCIFS API which allows to authenticate browser clients for a Java web application with NTLMv2 (which JCIFS does not support on the server side today).

This filter re-uses code which was copied from the open-source Liferay Portal, because the code in its original form had too many dependencies to other Liferay functionality to use it directly in its original form. However, I left the copied classes unchanged as much as possible, including all the "author" tags with the names of the original authors.

Since "Liferay" is available under the LGPL, copying code and making it available in new form should be no problem.

This project contains:

  • An API (JAR-library) which provides the NTLMv2-functionality on top of JCIFS.
  • An example servlet SSO-filter, more or less usable as it is, which shows how to use the API.
  • A simple hello-world demo application which shows how to use / configure the filter.
  • Clean Maven-2 multi-module project structure.